2019 Cross-Cut Budget

Click here for the 2019 Cross-Cut Budget

The Cross-Cut Budget provides detailed budget information for the federal and state agencies about the Everglades Ecosystem restoration projects and funding. The Cross Cut Budget shows all the state and federal agencies on the Task Force and Working Group. The information for the federal agencies is broken down into two sections. Section one for CERP projects and section two is Non CERP with the Actual Budget numbers is reported for the previous year and the President’s Request numbers for the upcoming Fiscal Year. There is also accompanying text that describes each of the programs or projects that receives money for Everglades restoration. The same information is collected for the state agencies and the Governor’s Request is used instead of the President’s request.

For more information and other progress reports, please visit us at evergladesrestoration.gov

Biscayne Bay Regional Restoration Coordination Team (BBRRCT) Meeting

The read-ahead for the next meeting of the Biscayne Bay Regional Restoration Coordination Team (BBRRCT) is now available.

Click here for the draft agenda and read-ahead information.

As a reminder, the BBRRCT meeting will be held on August 15, 2018; 10:00 AM – 3:00 PM at NOAA FISHERIES, 75 Virginia Beach Dr. Miami FL 33149.

Join the meeting by phone
Conference line 1-302-202-1108; Participant Passcode 775467

Click here to joint the meeting by WebEx
Meeting number: 806 864 726
Meeting password: 11223344

The BBRRCT was formed to develop and implement an Action Plan, the product of a multi-stakeholder initiative to protect and restore Biscayne Bay. The intent of the Action Plan is to integrate and coordinate restoration, enhancement, preservation projects, plans, and activities to help maintain a functioning Biscayne Bay ecosystem. The team provides science-based advice to the South Florida Restoration Task Force Working Group concerning construction, operation, and monitoring projects of the Comprehensive Everglades Restoration Plan (CERP) that relate to Biscayne Bay’s freshwater supply. Maintaining adequate volume and appropriate timing and distribution of freshwater flow to Biscayne Bay is of paramount importance to the BBRRCT with respect to CERP’s ongoing redesign of south Florida’s water management system.